Cavalcade of Risk

Greetings, purveyors of risk-based policy analysis. Apologies for the delay in getting this latest edition of CoR up, but we ran into some unexpected html issues (mainly, I don't know anything about html). Hopefully, however, the content that follows will speak for itself and make up for my own incompetence. ENJOY!

"The Shrink" who blogs at Lake Cocytus explains his perception of how risk impacts his practice, especially when treating patients with dementia. Risk.

The Cato Institute's inestimable Michael Cannon points out that Medicare fraud is Tantamount to Corruption posted at Cato-at-liberty.

John Hempton, proprietor of Bronte Capital blog, shares a conversation he recently had with another blogger regarding insurance. He compares auto versus homeowners coverage to explain different kinds of risk, and how they're treated. Check out Risk Aversion - Berkshire Style.

Blogress Valeria Maltoni has an interesting take on how people perceive risk, and how it affects their organizations. See Risk Is Not A Four Letter Word.

Michael McCaughan, blogging at In Vivo, wonders whether the FDA's handling of risk is appropriate, and why that's important. A Better Way to do Risk/Benefit?

At the Alexph Blog, David Merkel reports on how risk management is changing in the lending industry, and what that portends for folks who need credit. Banking on Continued Risk In Lending Markets.

Nickel presents his take on FDIC Insurance Coverage: Limits and Strategies posted at

Jason Shafrin over at The Healthcare Economist writes on access to care in China and India. Mark Pauly claims that increased calls for "access to care" in China and India may actually increase insurance premiums and reduce insurance coverage for the poor. The Healthcare Economist investigates. Pauly on Health Insurance in India and China.

Is being "big" risky? InsureBlog's Bob Vineyard reports on some new government efforts to encourage folks to lose weight, by draining their wallets. Check out Carrot or Stick?

Louise at the Colorado Health Insurance Insider offers up her own version of Health Insurance 101.

Jim presents Credit Card Rental Car Insurance is Secondary Coverage!? posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Joe Manausa presents How To Dispute Your Property Taxes posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog.

Yours truly, of Healthcare Manumission, wonders if Obama's brand of "change" is really that of a risky radical.